With over 20 years of corporate experience and a mother's will and determination, I drove right in. I learned quickly what was working and what was NOT working in the entrepreneurial and small business community. I shook up status quo in Atlanta's small business world with my big business acumen, while also being lifted by an amazing network of survivors and thrivers.

After 7 years of working hard and then working smart, I find myself working successfully, with other entrepreneurs and business owners. Today, I share with them my experiences of amazing people with bad ideas and great ideas with the wrong people pitching them. They come to know that the business world is constantly evolving and that I prefer not to waste our time or money. When a person or business works with me, I teach them my core business principles...


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If you are in business today, you need to speak Baby Boomer to Millennial AND keep up with all the latest trends in your marketplace.

Be Yourself...

have some personality that shows your business is rational, not just transactional.

Be Credible...

you can't just say you have expertise, you have to show it and deliver it.

Be Visible...

show up where your potential clients and customers are online & offline.



You are driven to CHANGE THE WORLD through your business.


You believe you are THE BEST CHOICE.


You want to STAND OUT and blend in.


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If all that is true, then... why aren't you working with me?