Go Bold or Go Broke… I’m just saying.

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Who is this purple haired girl? It’s just little ole me!

Hi there! Guess what? You are in for a treat because I AM AMAZING! If you didn’t know that already, I thought you should!

You see, my story is unlike others. At 18 months old, I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that could/should have killed me – but I survived.

I grew up in the inner city (when there was one) of Atlanta, Georgia, where poverty and stress was like chicken soup and toast on a cold day – but I survived.

I graduated high school number 6 in my class, but couldn’t get into college because I had no clue how to navigate that space alone – but I survived.

Most wouldn’t share the small snippets of personal stories above because of pride, embarrassment, or whatever I share because MY STORY is not an anomaly. My story sounds like so many others that I meet in my daily life, yet….we SURVIVED!

I AM SHAN – a vivacious, full of energy, brilliant, visionary, and natural Champion of People!

Of all things, I truly believe that the essence of people is what is most important and you will not meet a bigger advocate for you!

My digital marketing agency has been my only source of revenue since 2009 when I left my very nice corporate career (and six figure income) to join the ranks of entrepreneurs. I am the proud mother of four amazing young people who are the reason that I breathe daily. My life is spent educating and encouraging women in business to keep at their dreams of financial freedom!

I’ve built a business (and life) around my strengths and passions, and you should too!

I work with clients in 3 different ways:

  1. Credible Visibility ~ Signature Program – If you are looking for a heart-centered approach to your mission, vision, and purpose and need to know how to monetize your message, this is for you!
  2. 90 Minute Business Intensive – In this 90 minute business intensive, you get a solid vision for the future of your business and the accountability to actually make it happen! Bring your hardest questions and challenges and get clear about your next steps!
  3. EntrepreNewHER Facebook Group – I am the founder of a group of women who inspire me to be more on a daily basis. Be sure to get involved with our FREE community on Facebook. There you will meet other like minds and have a place to ask questions and get real answers you can use.

I would love to know more about you and how you connected with me. If there is anything that I can ever help you with…just ask!

Many blessings and love.