Using Joint Promotions for Low-Cost Marketing

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    This is one of the easiest ways to market your business on a budget.  There are so many businesses that are successful and not utilizing the one asset that they have to the fullest – a repeat customer.  Joint promotions are EASY to initiate.  As a business owner, contact some non-competing small businesses serving customers in your market. Offer to promote their products or services to your customers in exchange for their cross-promoting your services to theirs!

    For example, you have a beauty salon with clients coming in and out each day.  Establish a connection with a local make-up consultant to promote her products in your salon while she promotes all her clients to you for your services.  Here’s another example; say you are an author and have a nice following.  Establish a relationship with a local blogger (or play writer) that has a following and promote each others creative works.  Lastly, if you own a bakery; partner with a local plumber, electrician, or contractor who is servicing homes each day to joint promote each others services.

    Every business that is successful has CUSTOMERS who need other items that other businesses sell.  Sometimes all it takes is for you to “ask”.  It’s all a numbers game. The more you can extend your reach, the more money that can be made.  Collectively, we can achieve more success.

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