Go Bold or Go Broke… I’m just saying.

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Listen. Here’s what I believe.

So…I have purple hair, my name is my business, and my image is on EVERYTHING!

Coming from a background of corporate, this goes against all that was instilled in me! But, this is what has given me more substance in my business because I do not have to pretend to be what is ‘expected’. I am able to be be ME in all things!

#LessonsLearned –
Be yourself! There is literally no one else on the planet just like you so use this as leverage to stand out in a crowded marketplace of everyone looking and saying the same thing. People buy people, not products or services. If you lead with the real YOU, it will be received faster and longer. Trust me!

I am an avid networker.

It is the reason my business was able to sustain my middle-class lifestyle after I quit that stressful corporate job! Networking works…and this is not just a cliche! If you are a small business owner and you are not networking, it’s the equivalent to having a “CLOSED” sign on your door. It is the easiest and most cost effective marketing you could ever do.

#ShanSays –
Be visible! Get out from behind your desk, get off the computer, turn off Facebook/Twitter/SnapChat/IG, etc and get out and meet people who possibly need your products or services today. If used correctly, networking can give you the time freedom you need to sustain a varied marketing budget within a year. Invest in networking so people CAN invest in you.

Have you ever met a person that made you feel like you just encountered a used car salesman?
Not that car salesman are bad! I’m just saying…people can tell when you really are not authentic in what you are presenting. Your integrity and future business is more important than any book that says otherwise! You must be a credible business person who has testimonials and past successes to stand on. Be the example of your business by being a great example OF your business.

So many people are imitating others in the marketplace, that it really is making a tab bit difficult for ethical people like you and I. We have to overcome previous interactions and perceptions left by the sales person that came before us. It is more important than ever before for the GREAT businesses to shine and have some credible results that can actually be proven. We live in a world where everything is in the public eye. Just think about that!

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