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Being the founder of an amazing group of women in business and the ultimate #EntrepreNewHER, Shan takes her gamut of business experience partnered with her love for people and has created a platform to share knowledge from successful women in business to women who aspire to be successful. Her events are well attended each quarter and evoke emotions that not only inspire, but motivate others to create a life of their dreams through entrepreneurship!

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An empowering female motivational business speaker full of energy and life!

“In challenging times, you need a speaker that does more than just present, teach, or attend. You need someone that truly enlightens and equips your audience as well as entertains!”

Motivational Marketing speaker Shan Thomas brings her high-energy and content enhanced signature presentations to audiences all across the United States. She is know for helping business owners and entrepreneurs uncover and promote their true competitive advantage in social media and a crowded marketplace.

In Shan’s presentations and workshops, she motivates people to take control, get more done using technology, and feel in control of their business.

Shan packs her presentations with how-to’s, humor, and inspiration. No matter what presentation or purpose, you can expect immediate results, including but not limited to:

…Your audience will be engaged and inspired.
…Your audience will leave with actionable, relevant content.
…Your audience will understand more about each subject matter.
…Your audience will thank you for bringing her to your event!

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Shan’s Presentations

(All are 30-90min presentations):
+++ Now Is the Time! How to Leverage Simple Tech Tools in Small Business
+++ Credible Visibility – It’s not about who you know, but who knows you!
+++ The World is Mobile – How Marketing Really Works
+++ Balance as an #EntreprenewHER

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