She is a Master at Selling.

I make money just speaking with her. You don't need anyone else when it comes to growing a REAL BUSINESS and getting REAL RESULTS. Work with Shan Thomas!" ~ M. Solis, San Diego CA

It's time to exchange the guesswork for a tried-and-tested framework.

Hi, I'm Shan Thomas! Your Last Business Strategist...

If you want to attract high-quality clients who are fully committed to investing in your services, it's important to connect your solution-based offer with a necessary need of your elevated buyer.

This is where I am a Master Strategist, helping you develop your sales offers based on RESULTS! People are looking for providers who understand their myriad of problems, not just the latest jargon.

For your services and programs to attract the elevated client, patient, or customer it was designed for, you need to focus on leveraging your marketing efforts to get clear solutions-based messaging.

So..if you are ready to claim real clarity in your offers, gain confidence in your services and products, and have congruence to your core values and true self, we should chat!


Meet Shan Thomas, a driven business strategist, sales professional, and digital marketing expert with a passion for public speaking. With over 25+ years of professional business experience, Shan has a proven track record of success, consistently exceeding her sales targets and driving growth for her clients. In addition to her sales expertise, Shan is also a uniquely skilled digital marketer, utilizing data-driven strategies to deliver REAL RESULTS for her clients, which keep them coming back to her as they iterate their businesses. She holds a Masters of Business Management and is currently obtaining her Doctorate in Business Leadership.

However, what sets Shan apart is her ability to prioritize her professional success with her commitment to her family. Shan is a proud mother of four beautiful children and understands the importance of finding healthy ‘work-life equity’. This unique perspective has allowed her to bring a fresh perspective to the entrepreneurship space, to corporate organizations, and also inspiring other working mothers to pursue their career goals while prioritizing their families.

As a sought-after speaker, Shan has presented at numerous industry events and conferences, sharing her insights on sales, social & digital marketing, and work-family equity. Her engaging and authentic speaking style has earned her a reputation as a dynamic and inspiring speaker, leaving her audiences inspired and motivated.

Whether in the office or on the stage, Shan Thomas is a force to be reckoned with. Her drive, expertise, and commitment to both her career and her family make her a true inspiration to others.

Choose Your Path with Shan Thomas
Solutions that sell coaching program

Solutions That Sell

Your business can make a difference in the noisy marketplace. You just have to provide REAL solutions to problems.

Sales with Shan Thomas

Sales With Shan

Nothing happens in business when there aren't sales. Come make sure your cash register in every form is cha-ching-ing!

Shan Thomas Business mastermind Elevate

Elevate Mastermind

When you know you are the the top of your own food chain and desire deeper connection with visionary leaders.

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She is a Master at Selling. I make money just speaking with her. You don't need anyone else when it comes to growing a REAL BUSINESS and getting REAL RESULTS. Work with Shan Thomas!

M. Solis

Media Biz Owner

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When I need to deploy new products and services, Shan is the first one I call!  She is a never ending supply of current strategies that we can actually use. I highly recommend and trust her.

Rich Oz

IT Biz Owner

april christler shan thomas referral

Shan IS business! I think anyone who encounters her and doesn't hire her is making a mistake. There are so many times a brief conversation has made me more money. Hire her!

A. Christler

Sports Team Owner

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Developing My A.I.M Method has transformed my life…

Joining me for a LIVE event means immersing yourself in high-energy sales and marketing training that hones your focus and empowers you to master sales and achieve REAL results & business growth.

Having launched my business in 2009, as a mother and a newly unemployed corporate executive, I quickly understood the significance of business foundations and systems. My income has never fallen below my corporate highest salary each year and it is because of the process we will walk through together!

With an unparalleled record of guiding clients like yourself to achieve multi-layered success, even amidst challenging times, I possess the expertise and knowledge to lead you to substantial revenue gains. Are you ready to become the visionary leader you were always destined to be?  Let's go!

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